OUR VALUES and Advantages

ORN Sourcing

We look to work as partners with our customerss. This means not just understanding your sourcing requirements but understanding your business model and your sourcing strategy.


We have a strong focus on service, and  we have effective communication channels in place. This allows us to seamlessly communicate across language and cultural barriers across different markets. We also have local staff  based in certain key countries to ensure that there is someone in the same time zone and who speaks the language.

Workwear suppliers (our promise!) 

Are you a Retailer, Wholesaler, or a Start-up Company?

Orn Sourcing provides sustainable values with proven level of premium service and hands on engagement across the product life cycle.

Flexibility is the answer

Commonly, larger seasonal orders were usual for sourcing agents but many companies are increasingly looking to move to a more flexible approach to reduce their working capital requirements. Instead of relying on forecasts based on trend analysis, which  can lead to  obsolete stock,  companies can now react to their customer needs. Popular garments can be quickly re-ordered and because of the lower volumes, the lead times should be shorter.