Our Services

Innovative with research and development

Orn Clothing expects and encourages each team member to innovate and develop individually. We encourage exceptional performance but above all to work together as a team to create unique solutions to workwear projects.

Our Service

Orn  serves all levels of distributors – medium, large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions.

Sourcing and Procurement ethos 

Strategic Supplier Relationships
We are constantly on the look out  for the best suppliers with whom we can form a strategic link or partnership – to provide our customers with a quality sustainable product. This includes a range of essential factors, including quality assurance, certification, product innovation, trading terms, stock holding, whilst keeping a ‘eagle’ eye on exchange rate fluctuations.

Our Buying Team

A Dedicated Team headed by Brendon Tunley

At Orn we have a robust work ethic and employ go-getting personalities with the drive to keep our company running. With a foundation of transparency and co-operation, we aim create a corporate culture of  contented and involved employees who take ownership of their important roles.

For customers requiring specific products, we offer a cost-effective and measurable solution. This simply means that we provide a dedicated team that can establish  upstream  the relevant sourcing solution and  is  effective for businesses that already have their own sourcing resource in-house